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So you are in the process of laying out the design for your website: thinking about the type of content you want on the site, how many pages your website is going to have, how you want the user interactions to flow… And then you begin to realise that this whole process is much more involved than you first thought! Regardless of what you might be doing by the time you reach this epiphany (hopefully not pulling out your hair), try not to stress or become discouraged because you are not the first, and you will not be the last.

The advantages of Content Management Systems simply have yet to grace your entrepreneurial endeavours. CMS software is designed to make the process of creating and managing content on your website a novel task, without all the complex code and the highly technical terminology. CMS software allows you to edit and create the content of your website using an interface that is highly reminiscent of what your website will actually look like to your customers. It also allows for web developers to make easy, global changes to all pages of the website, easy manipulation of the website’s aesthetics, and provides a reliable database platform so that the content you upload to your site will be retrieved quickly and will not crash.

If the image on your site is too far to the left, just click and drag it a little to the right. You accidentally put your pricing chart on the, “About Us”, page? Just cut and paste it where you want it. Did you find yourself looking outside the window the other day at work and suddenly falling in love with the red leaves on the trees outside? Well, the great news is, with CMS software you can easily change the font colour (within reason ;)) just by the click of a button.

The added benefit: by streamlining the process of updating your website and allowing web developers to schedule regular updates, Content Management Systems can also help set you apart from the competition by increasing your SEO rankings. Remember, part of your website’s ranking is determined by how dynamic your website is!








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