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Sociologists have been making the claim over the past few years that, since the emergence of the internet, mankind has been phasing into a fourth-dimension: people’s lives are becoming more and more concerned with heightening the status of their online personas. The trend is inevitable: the digital age is upon us and the pervasiveness of technology is only increasing.

Whether you want to create a personal blog or a business, the only way to establish yourself on the internet is by getting your own domain name: you own digital home or business address. You may not yet have an idea of what you want to accomplish by getting a domain name – whether you will end up selling a product, advocating for a cause, or doing nothing at all – but, in any case, purchasing a domain name is a worth-while investment.

Do not hesitate! Let us take into consideration the possibilities: you purchase a domain name today with no particular end-game in sight. But the domain name is unique and it is yours. Consider, ten years from now, a squirrel chucks an acorn at your balding head and suddenly you are stricken with an ingenious business idea that will make you rich overnight. And thankfully, because you read this blog ten years prior, you already have the perfect domain name purchased and waiting to be the foundation of the riches you will build from the digital rubble.

But, what if you had not purchased that domain name ten years ago? What if you had the perfect domain name in mind but decided that you had no use for it, and so some days or weeks or years down the line someone else decided to purchase that same ingenious domain name, for no particular purpose. But now that you have your business plan, you are desperate to get the domain name, so you reach out to this mystery person to purchase the domain name from them, and suddenly they are charging you £500!

This is not uncommon: when the internet was just getting to the point where the majority of people had a personal computer and access to the internet from their home, a popular investment vehicle, much like trading stocks, was purchasing domain names that people thought would become valuable to other entities at a later time. It was an easy way to make money when the national sense of entrepreneurship was being augmented by the pervasiveness of the internet.

So whether you have a business plan in mind or not, get a domain name today! Who knows, maybe a company will approach you a few years down the line offering big money to relieve the burden off of your hands.







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