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What is a CMS?

Content Management Systems (CMS) are software applications that edit, manage, and keep track of all the content on a website: from pictures, documents, and videos to source code. The beauty of Content Management Systems is that, once the content is uploaded, CMS allows web administrators to easily manage content in an environment that is representative of a browser-based interface. This means no white coding language on black background: CMS brings the power and ease of managing the website to you!

Why do I need Content Management Services?

Owning a business is a full time job. Creating and maintaining a website is a full time job. And in this present day and age, the two tasks are no longer mutually exclusive: most customers will question the legitimacy of an organisation if that organisation does not have a website, or if their website is underwhelming. Gone are the days of the necessity for a street address: it is all about establishing your stake in the digital world – residing at a public IP address.

The logistics of running a business are time-consuming and difficult enough: Aberdeenshire Web Design wants to ensure that you can expend your time and energy building your brand, perfecting your business model. That is why we offer our clients premiere web building and specialised content management services: to make the processes of creating and keeping your website up-to-date as easy and as efficient as possible. For business owners, the business' website is its new edifice. Aberdeenshire Web Design is here to spruce up your digital welcome mat!

What CMS's do we use?:

Aberdeenshire Web Design helps you manage your content with two of the most renowned open-source Content Management Systems on the market: Drupal and Joomla!

Drupal is one of the most versatile and prevalent open-source Content Management Systems available, accommodating over 100 coding languages and permeating numerous industries in various countries (from France to the United States). The Drupal CMS service is utilised by organisations such as BBC News, NBC Television Broadcasting Company, and the University of Oxford to manage content and increase the functionality of their websites. Drupal's extensive team of developers, designers, editors and sponsors work to offer one of the most acclaimed and efficient Content Management Systems available.

Joomla is another award-winning, open-source Content Management System used by various organisations such as GE Distributed Power, Lipton Ice Tea, and Harvard University. Its ease-of-use and customisability have made it one of the most popular Content Management Systems: Joomla really brings the power of content management to the web administrator, offering linguistic translation into 65 different languages and nearly 7,500 extensions which greatly diversify website functionality.

Aberdeenshire Web Design uses the best Content Management Services to bring our clients the most efficient web developing experience possible. With tools such as these, we provide our clients the power to quickly and easily edit websites using a familiar platform while avoiding the complexity of coding languages.

Sounds good, but what can a CMS do for me?

Aberdeenshire Web Design utilises Content Management Services in order to serve, amongst others, six crucial functions:

Managing Content
I hope you are not overwhelmed with surprise when I inform that Content Management Services are used to manage content! CMS's provide an intuitive platform that allows the easy management of all website content. Using a familiar interface, these CMS's allow you to edit, rearrange, create, and delete content, or make content inaccessible to the public without deleting it. The possibilities are endless!

Establish Access Control
Joomla! and Drupal allow for user account controls to be established amongst web administrators: granting greater editorial permissions to one or more groups of individuals while allowing other groups of individuals limited editing and management power. This allows clients to establish a hierarchy of control and permissions amongst their web administrators.

Collaboration entails the capability of multiple web administrators to work on updating the same website simultaneously. Such can be accomplished in independent "workspaces", allowing web administrators to make changes without interfering with each others' progress, or by building off each others' work in a collaborative, virtual environment. This is made possible by content virtualisation and versioning features that provide a sort of practice environment for web content to be manipulated and managed without the website being updated until desired. Also, our CMS's store previous versions of web pages in case they are needed as a reference point or need to be reinstated.

Ease of Global Changes
Content Management Systems provide automated templates which create a general design structure for all web pages. Also, updates such as the incorporation of a new plug-in can be updated on the server: CMS's make it quick and easy to extend these updates from the server to several domains, and therefore several websites. Furthermore, Drupal and Joomla! both strive to keep their systems abreast of dynamic web standards, and so these CMS's will often provide updates to their clients' websites as well. This ensures that your website remains competitive on the ever-developing World Wide Web.

Increased Functionality
Our Content Management Systems offer content syndication features which include making your website more interactive with your customers and extending the reach your brand. In addition to creating RSS feeds, Drupal and Joomla! also makes it easy to develop mailing lists and send out automated emails to stay better connected with your target markets. Other widgets and plug-ins are available to increase the functionality and pervasiveness of your website.

The world is global, and so it is important that, when creating a website, the organisation considers the needs of all their clients. CMS's offer accurate and easy-to-use multilingual functions which can translate websites and change editing environment languages.

Our dedication to you

Such functions can make CMS's an immensely useful tool, but the utility of a Content Management System relies on its level of applicability: if the features are not logically structured or tailored to a specific use, they are simply well-polished cogs in a disorganised system. Aberdeenshire Web Design considers the specific goals of each individual client and tailors a Content Management System which is geared toward the attainment of those goals. Our obligation is to our clients: this is why we use such versatile and efficient Computer Management Systems as Drupal and Joomla! No matter what your business model, our team of tenured and experienced website developers will devote their efforts to creating a CMS that meets your every need.

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