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What is a domain name?

If your website is your new office building or storefront, your domain name is your new address (literally, your web address): it is what represents a company and fundamentally sets the organisation's website apart from other websites.

Our Domain Name Services

Aberdeenshire Web Design helps our clients register their desired domain name at a competitive and affordable service fee. We offer various domain name suffixes to provide our clients the greatest amount of choice and versatility – so you can truly represent your business.

How much are domain names?

Domain name suffixes are often categorised based on the countries out of which they operate. At Aberdeenshire Web Design, we competitively price our Domain Name Registration services based on the category of the domain name suffix requested: Top-Level Domains (.com, .net, .org, etc.), Country Code Top-Level Domains (,, and, and Geographic Top-Level Domains (.wales and .scot).

The difference here is that Top-Level Domains are country independent. These are the most common domains and are largely used by companies that operate in multiple countries, while Country Code Top-Level Domains reference websites that cannot be accessed without the addition of a country code to the url (this may make access more burdensome for international users who must memorise a foreign country code).

Geographic Top-Level Domains require only that the country code be input for access, along with the website's hostname (i.e. This means that they do not require reference to the typical .com, .org, or .net domains.

We offer the Top-Level Domains at a rate of £13.00 per year. The Country Code Top-Level Domains are offered at a rate of £8.00. Finally, we offer Geographic Top Level Domains for the countries of Scotland and Wales at a rate of £13.00 per year. Prices are excluding VAT.

Your domain name is registered in your own name, so you have complete control over it.








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