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What is an eCommerce Site

An eCommerce website is a sort of online marketplace that allows businesses to sell their products and services. Likewise, an eCommerce website allows consumers to shop the company's online catalogues, gain information about the products and services offered, and purchase those products and services via a secure online platform. The beauty of an eCommerce site lies in the level of convenience it offers to the customer.

What Aberdeenshire Web Design can do for you?

You have strolled though shopping centres; you have seen stores with people crowded around the window but nobody at the register, save the cashier. You have seen shops that are bustling with people though the only bags being carried out are in the hands of the garbage collector come closing time.

Aberdeenshire Web Design works with its clients to ensure that we turn those window-shoppers and web-browsers into paying customers at your digital storefront. We recognise the components of a great eCommerce site and utilise renowned solutions to bring traffic and paying customers to your site.

How we help you achieve success

We engage our clients and foster conversation so that both parties may fully inform and understand the needs of the other, and so that we, at Aberdeenshire Web Design, can tailor a package that satisfies all desires of our clients. We specialise in aligning our clients' needs and wants with the desires of their customers to ensure satisfaction is attained at all levels of the transaction.

Our team of specialists is more than just qualified, it is tenured with years of experience. We are more than capable of creating eCommerce websites that exemplify the ultimate customer experience through the utilisation of systems that elicit an unparalleled ease of website usability and navigation, versatility of payment methods, and a sense interactivity and personalisation for customers via intelligent shopper behaviour tracking.

When developing eCommerce sites, Aberdeenshire Web Design has the client's best interest in mind: we ensure that all of our websites incorporate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing strategies. SEO marketing strategies include utilising key words that are native to a market or industry to increase the search-ability of a website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. This ensures that more customers view and visit your eCommerce site. SEO keywords are derived from complex algorithms that measure internet activity in the aggregate and return popular search inquiries and key phrases for any given industry.

All of our eCommerce sites are also compatible with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions such as Salesforce. Again, the idea with CRM solutions is to make your website as interactive with – and reactive to – your customers' internet behaviours and activities as possible. CRM uses cached information from web browsers' computers to tailor ads and suggest products or services that the customer would be likely to purchase. The great part is that this tailoring is accomplished without any real effort or communication from the customer. Not only do Customer Relationship Management solutions make customers feel more valued and engaged by your website, but CRM also increases your website's conversion rate optimisation, or the ratio of web site visitors turned into consumers.

Our Services:

We will work to build a great-looking, dynamic site that services your customers and that satisfies your needs. Whether you are a company that specialises in one product or service, or a company that offers thousands of products, our eCommerce systems and web developers will offer you:

  • Shopping cart infrastructure
  • User account creation and maintenance services
  • Databases that store, encode and retrieve user information (such as addresses, names, etc.)
  • Intuitive web flows for checkout processes
  • Secure credit/debit card forms for checkout
  • Development of appealing product catalogues
  • Creation and maintenance of customer-specific wish lists
  • Filter and search functions for products or services
  • Product customisation
  • Inventory management

These are only a few of the key features that we offer for eCommerce web designs. We encourage you to contact us, so that we can begin integrating these features and developing an eCommerce package that fits your business needs!







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