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What is Search Engine Optimisation

So now you have your website built and launched on the web: a great accomplishment! But the second half of the battle is yet to come: getting your website recognised by major search engines and attracting productive customer traffic. Aberdeenshire Web Design is here to help its clients lower bounce rates (the ratio of people who visit only one page of your site before navigating away from your site, as opposed to those who browse more than one webpage of your site).

High bounce rates can be the result of a multitude of factors, from the quality of the content on the webpage to how well the content of a site aligns with the browser’s expectations. Not only are these browsers or customers not retained by the content of your website, meaning you lose that customer, but the bounce rate statistic is also considered by search engine algorithms when ranking the validity and legitimacy of your website.To address such issues, Aberdeenshire Web Design offers its premiere Search Engine Optimisation services in order to ensure that your site is well represented on the web, that it maintains a higher ranking in search engine analytical algorithms (and thus is more easily searchable in search engines), and that your website remains abreast of the dynamic search engine algorithms that are constantly being updated and revised. Ensuring your website is well represented on the web means including keywords and phrases in the content of your website that are relevant to your industry, and that clearly express the goals of your company. This will lessen the chance that customers have stumbled upon your site by accident, thus lowering your site’s bounce rate.

Types of SEO

There are two types of Search Engine Optimisation that can determine your website’s ranking in search engine algorithms: Onsite and Offsite SEO.

Onsite search engine optimisation includes ensuring that the content, hostname, page titles, and search engine tags for your website align well with what web browsers may type into search engines like Google or Yahoo. Furthermore, search engines assess how these keywords are associated and assimilated into your site. This means that you cannot simply have a webpage that lists all the major keywords for your business and hope that your webpage appears number one on the results list. Other dynamics such as how often your website is updated, how many webpages are associated with your website, and so forth, are also taken into consideration.

This optimised content varies from industry to industry and Aberdeenshire Web Design works to create and organize content for your site that will create the lowest bounce – and highest conversion – rates for your business.

Offsite search engine optimisation is more concerned with the quality of the websites that are linked to your website, and also how embedded your website is in the World Wide Web. It is along the idea that you are only as good as who you know. Both the number and the quality of external links factor into a site’s ranking when it comes to search engine algorithms.

Why Aberdeenshire Web Design

Ensuring that your website is search engine optimised can be a full-time job due to the fact that search engine algorithms are highly dynamic and constantly changing. The process is one that never ends, and one which requires research, content creation, and website reorganisation. Aberdeenshire Web Design understands the complexity of Search Engine Optimisation, just as we understand that, for many businesses, managing SEO can be too much of a time and effort investment. That is why we offer our expert SEO consulting services!

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